How do I find your current course offerings?

Our courses are available to browse from the “Purchase Individual Courses” tab on the top menu.

On the course library page you can either search by course category or browse all of the courses by using the navigation buttons on the bottom each page.

Are there any additional costs with your courses when you are a member?

No! As a member you have complete access to all of our courses and there are no additional materials you are required to purchase in order to take our courses.

When do courses start? And do I need to set aside a large chunk of my day to take your courses?

Because our courses are all pre-developed for you by our instructors, you can start taking courses at any time. Also because they are pre-developed you can start/stop/resume courses at your convenience to fit in your day.

Does SMART CEUs Hub offer corporate discounts?

Yes we do 🙂 If you have at least 4 people at your organization who wish to sign up, we can give your group 20% off the total of your memberships cost. We also offer the ability to either pay for your team in one lump invoice or break it up individually for each person to pay their portion. Remember continuing education is a tax write off if your company requires the CTRS for you to practice.

Please fill out the form on the bottom of this page to get this benefit for your organization:

—>Unlimited CEUs Membership

How do I get my CE certificates?

Upon successful completion of a course (70% or higher) our system will generate you a completion certificate with a unique identification number. Your completion certificates are immediately accessible from your account dashboard under the “certifications” tab. Because our system stores your certificates for you, you can wait to print/download them when it comes time for your recertification.

What courses are included in the Unlimited CEUs Membership?

All of them! The Unlimited CEUs Membership includes 100% access to our entire courses library including any new courses that are added throughout the duration of your active subscription.

Can I take individual courses without becoming a member?

Yes! We offer 2 options for you to get your required CE. You can take individual courses at the rate of $12 per clock hour or you can get access to our entire courses library for just $149/year. To make the math easier for you, if you need more than 12 clock hours (AKA 1.2 CEUs), the membership is your best option.

What style of courses do you provide?

Our courses are in presentation format, typically created on PowerPoint. Courses may include videos, audio, charts, graphs, and graphics, and text to aid with the learning process.

Does retaking courses that I have purchased cost additional money?

No. Once you have purchased access to a course (or are an Unlimited CEUs Member) you can retake courses as many times as you would like at no addtional cost.

How are clock hours of continuing education converted into CEUs?

The abbreviated term “CEU” stands for “continuing education unit” and it’s value is determined by the specific licensing/certifying board in your industry.

In the field of Therapeutic Recreation, NCTRC states, .1 CEU = 1 clock hour and that we need 50 clock hours (aka 5 CEUs) every 5 years in order to recertify with the CTRS credential. Please see the NCTRC FAQs section for more information about this conversion here: NCTRC FAQs

Help! I accidentally went to the course quiz section and I need assistance getting my course reset to the content area...

No problem. This issue is a simple fix and we have included screenshots which the steps below:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: