The SMART CEUs  Difference

We are not a one man or woman show!

Our team consists of many parts pushing forward together to improve the online CE experience for Recreational Therapists everywhere.

The majority of our team consists of Recreational Therapy Experts who we call our SMART Instructors. They are Recreational Therapists who have both a passion to teach a broad TR audience and have extensive experience in various areas of TR.

We also have a top notch social media expert, an awesome RT Newsletter writer, some amazing tech dudes, and our founder Nathan Lamaster, who steers the ship.

We accomplish quality, affordability, and convenience through employing Recreational Therapist experts to teach our courses and through our use of our powerful Learning Management System (LMS) which:

  • Manages your learning progress so you can start/stop/resume courses at your convenience from your computer
  • Keeps track of all your CE that you complete on our site for your personal records
  • Allows you to get instant access to your completion certificates for no additional costs!

We accomplish affordability through the volume of Recreational Therapists using our services for CE which helps us pay our team and having an all inclusive pricing structure which means there are no additional books that you are required to purchase in order to take/pass courses, or additional fees to get your certificates of completion.

This is what we call the

SMART Difference!

Our Team

The SMART Team consists of SMART Instructors, admin staff, and a leadership team working hard to serve you!

Tina Watson, CTRS

SMART Newsletter Writer & Email Marketer

Tracie Schendel, CTRS

SMART Instructor

Angela Goldschmidt, CTRS

SMART Instructor

Dianna Proemm, CTRS

SMART Instructor

Nicole Lamaster

Wife/Social Media Expert

Amy Guthrie

Admin Assistant

Kathryn Walker, CTRS

SMART Instructor

Ava Skrabanek, MS, CTRS

SMART Instructor

Kim Shepard, CTRS, MPH

SMART Instructor

Beth Petzold, CTRS

SMART Instructor

Emily Gaulke, CTRS

SMART Instructor